This page collects the storyline explaining my somewhat philosophical views on art and life in general.
One of many aspects of hyperboy I want to continue is wasted effort as a result of boundless energy and over-exertion trying to fix a simple problem.
The idea of going on a spiritual journey as a result of a cold remedy is very appealing to me for some reason.

The first two issues of this story were created for the sole purpose of one line of dialogue:
(Hyperboy and special effects guru John Dykstra are talking in a foggy backlit wasteland of nothingness.)
(hyperboy) Are you God?
(dykstra) No. But I'm God to you.

Of course, if you read through the story, this dialogue never took place. Something sparked in the deep recesses of my mind. Do a modern take on Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Dykstra is Marley, Egon Spengler represents ideas, meanings and media of the past (Christmas past), Spongebob represents ideas attitudes and media of today (Christmas Present), and the asterik represents all forms of unknown ideas and thoughts that haven't been thunk. People fear the unknown so naturally a punctuation mark would make a great Grim Reaper. I like someone with a punctuational nonmenclature.

And since this a personal journey, I tried to improve the artwork in direct correlation to what the character was learning. As Hyperboy's personality and attitudes become more defined, so does the art style. And issue 30 (conclusion) just looks awesome with the realistic skin tones.

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